Summer I-95 Road Trip – North Carolina

I’m leaving the South of the Border and ready for North Carolina. Read about my road trip >>> And guess what I found?  I didn’t find any bridges!  Nothing to see here. But the demographics have changed.  For miles now, I’ve been watching stretches of landscape go by and today the map has become checkered … Continue reading Summer I-95 Road Trip – North Carolina

Summer I-95 Road Trip – South Carolina

"I've been looking at places to visit this summer or before year end and I would definitely love to visit Savannah. HOWEVER, I know I would have to cross the big Talmadge Bridge to get from upstate SC to that area. I have a bridge fear thus my last visit to the Charleston area was … Continue reading Summer I-95 Road Trip – South Carolina

To the Beach

I live on Long Island where the beaches are beautiful.  My town's beaches are north on the Sound and uncrowded, quaint and picturesque.  You look across harbors and bays to other villages and can watch sailboats and pleasure boats coming and going.  To the south, the beaches are on the Atlantic Ocean and pretty typical … Continue reading To the Beach

Becoming Desensitized?

I went across the Whitestone and Throgs Neck Bridges 4 times last month.  As a passenger, of course. No jitters.  No butterflies, moths or flutters in my chest.   It was easy on my insides. It's always been a bit easier on me crossing from the Bronx into Long Island since I can’t see the … Continue reading Becoming Desensitized?