Summer I-95 Road Trip – South Carolina

“I’ve been looking at places to visit this summer or before year end and I would definitely love to visit Savannah. HOWEVER, I know I would have to cross the big Talmadge Bridge to get from upstate SC to that area.

I have a bridge fear thus my last visit to the Charleston area was very limited as I could not cross Ravenel bridge after going over many drawbridges.

Is there any way to avoid it OR if I muster up the nerve to drive across are there many more bridges through the area a tourist may want to visit?”

No, didn’t write this but I could have.

It was posted on a message board in 2011.

However, I do need to cross the Savannah River as I head into South Carolina from Georgia  – the river divides the two states – and need to know whether I must cross this bridge below- the Talmadge Bridge the writer feared.


Talmadge Bridge Over the Savannah River (By ~Richmond96 t • c [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)

Definitely uncrossable for me.

It turns out, that while the Talmadge Bridge does cross the Savannah River it is not on Route 95 but rather in downtown Savannah and east of where I’ll be crossing.

A reply to the post on the message board reads,

 If you absolutely CANNOT drive over the large bridge Savannah is known for, just use the one on I-95. It’s quick and you’ll be over it and in Georgia before you know it.

Perfect! My conclusion is I don’t have to worry about the bridge I’m using, though I’m taking the word of a perfect stranger.  From the map though, it looks to be a quick, flat crossing.

But a word of caution, Savannah, like Jacksonville, FL has lots of water so lots of bridges so if you venture off Route 95, chances are you’re going to encounter a bridge.

Cruising north another 100 miles I encounter the Lake Marion Bridge over Lake Marion.  I watched a couple of YouTube videos of crossings and while I don’t know the speed of the drivers, it took less than 30 seconds to cross the bridge.  Seems crossable to me.

Lake Marion Bridge, SC. Pollinator at the English language Wikipedia [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Another 100 miles up I-95,  I’ve reached the famous South of the Border tourist trap and take a rest before traveling through North Carolina.

Here’s where I’ve been…

Trip Summary

South Carolina Miles: 198
Total Miles Covered:   692
Uncrossable Bridges:  1
Fuller Warren Bridge, Jacksonville, FL
States Remaining:    12