Gephyrophobiac, Gephyrophile, or Pontist?

I learned TWO new words this week.  I was reading the blog post An Unusual Bridge and an Unusual Word and there is was, the yin to my yang.

GEPHYROPHILE, as defined in the post, describes “people who have a compulsion to cross bridges” while a PONTIST is someone who’s “very interested in bridges.”

I tried tracking down these words in a dictionary. I haven’t found GEPHYROPHOBIAC  though the New York Times used it in the headline To Gephyrophobiacs, Bridges are a Terror. I can’t track down GEPHYROPHILE either.  This doesn’t mean they’re not words or don’t exist in some dictionary.  I did find PONTIST in the online Urban Dictionary and the definition includes photographing them as part of the enjoyment of them.

With my new vocabulary, I can clearly categorize myself.  I’m part PONTIST as I’m interested in bridges and find them fascinating and beautiful.  A GEPHYROPHILE I am not.  (But I’m very curious about the people who are!)  And obviously, I’m a full blooded GEPHYROPHOBIAC.

So what are you?

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