Summer I-95 Road Trip – Connecticut

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Oh…. Nutmeg State, you have more long bridges than any state so far.

Route 95 runs along the coastline of the Long Island Sound crossing lots of rivers big and small.  Here I’m travelling east across Connecticut rather than north as I have been.

There are 7 significant bridges on the 111 mile trip.   I made this trip not long ago (my husband was driving) and most of the bridges aren’t memorable, except for 2 or 3.   To make the ride sweeter, there’s been construction somewhere on this route for as long as I can remember.

Here are 7 the seven bridges.

Mianus River Bridge – over the Mianus River.  This is a new bridge which replaced the one that collapsed in 1983.  It’s a flat bridge.

Yankee Doodle Bridge – over the Norwalk River with approximately 146,000 daily crossings.  A flat bridge.  It is the most traveled structurally deficient bridge in Connecticut and number 86 in the country according to the American Road & Transportation Builders Association 2017 Bridge Report (

PT Barnum Bridge  – over the Pequonnock River in Bridgeport is a replacement bridge built in 2000.  Named for the circus founder who was also a politician and had been the Mayor of Bridgeport.

Moses Wheeler Bridge – over the Housatonic River is a new bridge completed less than two years ago.

Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge – over the Quinnipiac River.  This bridge is a replacement bridge built in 2012.  Also called the Q bridge.  It’s memorable and crossable.

Q Bridge Project by Dannel Malloy [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Baldwin Bridge – over the Connecticut River.  It’s a long, flat bridge that’s uncrossable to me.

Gold Star Bridge – over the Thames River.  Uncrossable!  I’ve written about this bridge before >>>

Gold Star Memorial Bridge from New London by Liz

I need to do an actual drive in Connecticut to verify what other bridges might be uncrossable other than the Baldwin Bridge and the Gold Star Bridge. 

Ocean State, here I come.

Trip Summary


Total Miles Covered:   1465

Uncrossable Bridges:   7

Fuller Warren Bridge, Jacksonville, FL

Francis Scott Key Bridge, Baltimore, MD

Millard E. Tydings Memorial Bridge, Port Deposit, MD 

Girard Point Bridge, Philadelphia, PA

George Washington Bridge, NJ-NY

Baldwin Bridge,  Old Saybrook – Old Lyme, CT

Gold Star Memorial Bridge,  New London, CT 

Questionably Uncrossable: 1

Woodrow Wilson Bridge, VA-DC-MD

 States Travelled:  11

States Remaining:    4