That Dam Bridge

Three years ago, I attempted to walk over this dam bridge over the Colorado River, the second highest bridge in the United States. The bridge was built in 2010 and connects Nevada and Arizona to bypass the Hoover Dam. The distance across the bridge  is roughly the same as 2 average-length par 4s on the golf … Continue reading That Dam Bridge

Advice for a Gephyrophobiac Bicyclist

A gephyrophobiac bicyclist wrote Gear Prudence, the bike advice columnist at the Washington City Paper (DC) asking how to overcome his fear of riding over bridges. The columnist suggests to "Frightened, Especially Above River" that he: Find a bridge with wide sidewalks so he can ride further from the edge Avoid Bridges with low edges Avoid … Continue reading Advice for a Gephyrophobiac Bicyclist

Happy President’s Day George Washington

Most mornings I hear the NYC and tri-state traffic reports that include the very  important status of the George Washington Bridge which is vital to commuters and travelers between New Jersey and NYC.  Earlier this morning I heard traffic was moving well on this holiday though often there are big delays getting across.   According to the Port Authority of … Continue reading Happy President’s Day George Washington