What Has Helped One Gephyrophobiac

“…my fear is so strong that I’m unable to drive across any bridge that spans any significant expanse of water, such as a river.  I can tolerate someone else doing the driving, but I always dread it and my heart pounds wildly until it’s over.”   

 No, I didn’t write this but I could have.

You too?

It’s what a fellow gephyrophobiac wrote  in June to Parade Magazine contributor Marilyn vos Savant looking for suggestions for her fear.  vos Savant did what any responsible person does who doesn’t have the answer, refers them to a professional >>>. 

Until a week ago, there was not a single comment or response to the piece..

vos Savant also wrote that often we don’t want anyone to know we have this fear.

I think that’s mostly true which would explain why it was the father of a 26-year woman who  responded  >>>

He wrote that his daughter’s fear –

“is not based on falling or the impact.  Her fear is that she will be trapped inside the car and drown.  Her solution is to roll down the window.  While this has not completely erased her reluctance to cross a body of water, it has helped tremendously, and she can now do it with her eyes open.” 

I like the idea but, for me, I think feeling the wind on my face would frighten me more.  I don’t like lots of movement on trips over bridges and I become somewhat frozen so putting the window up and down to test it out would be a challenge.  Oh, and I don’t want anyone doing it for me because they should be watching the road and have two hands on the wheel at all times.

Either way, if you’re the one driving, always keep your eyes open.