Does This Crack You Up?

I saw it on the news this morning.  It didn’t crack me up. But I watched it again and again and again.  It takes my breath away. It’s a viral bridge video out of China.   See for yourself  >>> Genius?  Cruel?  I can’t decide.

What Has Helped One Gephyrophobiac

“…my fear is so strong that I’m unable to drive across any bridge that spans any significant expanse of water, such as a river.  I can tolerate someone else doing the driving, but I always dread it and my heart pounds wildly until it’s over.”     No, I didn’t write this but I could have. … Continue reading What Has Helped One Gephyrophobiac

No Control

Last week I wrote that maybe I’d become desensitized to crossing bridges because I wasn’t feeling the nervousness I normally had when driving over long, high bridges like the Whitestone and the Throgs Neck.  Of course, being a passenger is different and currently I don’t have the wherewithal to  attempt the driving.  I don’t know … Continue reading No Control