Bridge Time

Nearly 20 years ago a tour guide in Rome pointed out the Ponte Sant’Angelo – a stone bridge over the Tiber River –  and said it’d been built about 2,000 years ago. Did I hear him correctly?  To be exact, it was built in 134 AD, but what’s 134 years in this timeline.   Up until that point the oldest structure I’d probably seen was a colonial New England home that was at best 200 years old and seemed ancient to me.  But to see something truly ancient – and a bridge no less –  that had stood 10 times longer than anything I’d ever seen changed my perspective on time.

So yesterday morning when I listened to NY Governor, Andrew Cuomo on the news speaking at the 78-year old Kosciusko Bridge, it sounded to me, like he and newscasters were a little in awe of how long the bridge had stood.  Sadly, the “old” Kosciuszko Bridge had outlived its usefulness and not surprisingly couldn’t handle 18 times the number of cars it was intended to between Brooklyn and Queens.  Yesterday morning it was taken out of its misery and the remaining structure was brought down in a controlled explosion.  But I didn’t think it was old – not in the scheme of things.