Summer I-95 Road Trip – Georgia

I’m leaving Florida and heading into the Peach State, Georgia, the second state on my imaginary drive the length of Route 95. Read about what I’m doing and why >>> Read about my Florida ride >>> Route 95 is just 112 miles long here in the Empire State of the South (yes, I was surprised … Continue reading Summer I-95 Road Trip – Georgia

Summer I-95 Road Trip – Florida

I’m starting my imaginary/armchair summer road trip today travelling the entire length of Route 95.  I'm beginning  in the Sunshine State. If you want to know more about why I’m doing this, read my last post here >>>    To my surprise, Route 95 doesn’t start in Key West as I thought, but just south … Continue reading Summer I-95 Road Trip – Florida

Really Awesome

I overuse the word “awesome.”   Not only that, I misuse it.  All the time. According to,  AWESOME is an adjective meaning, causing or inducing awe; inspiring an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, or fear:  an awesome sight. exhibiting or marked by awe; showing reverence, admiration or fear. Slang. Very impressive: That new white convertible … Continue reading Really Awesome