Summer I-95 Road Trip – Florida

I’m starting my imaginary/armchair summer road trip today travelling the entire length of Route 95.  I’m beginning  in the Sunshine State.

If you want to know more about why I’m doing this, read my last post here >>>   

To my surprise, Route 95 doesn’t start in Key West as I thought, but just south of downtown Miami at Route 1.  (Route 1 does begin in Key West.)  That means the famous 7 Mile Bridge in the Keys over the dazzling aqua water is not on my trip.  But that shouldn’t be missed if you have the opportunity. I’ve been over it and it’s not scary probably because it’s low and flat.

Using my map app, I began in Miami and hovered my way on the screen of my laptop north along Route 95 looking for water and bridges.  For 350 miles, any bridges I spotted were short and flat and over canals otherwise the road bypasses a few lakes and many unnamed splotches of water and marshy areas  

 I finally arrived in the city nicknamed, the River City.  Jacksonville, FL.  The city is divided by the St. John’s River.   The Trout River is on the north side of Jacksonville and flows into the St. Johns.

There are many bridges here, but there are just two on Route 95.  The first is the Fuller Warren Bridge over the St. John’s River.  This bridge was built in 2002 (replacing the old bridge) and its total length is 1.4 miles and is 75 feet tall.

From the photo, this bridge would make me nervous and I’m deeming this one, an uncrossable bridge.


Fuller Warren Bridge, Jacksonville, FL. I, Jonathan Zander [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC BY-SA 2.5 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Continuing north less than 13 miles is the Trout River Bridge.  I only have a sense of the bridge from reading about it and seeing a few fuzzy photos.  It’s 6 lanes and flat and low.  Amy S. wrote on Yelp, “There’s nothing fancy or extraordinary about this bridge “ Her photos reflect it.   John S. also on Yelp wrote, “This little bridge isn’t anything fancy, but it gets the job done.”  My opinion is that I’d be able to drive over it.

The next bridge is a short, flat one north of Jacksonville International Airport over the Nassau River and doesn’t look like an issue.   Finally, I reached the Florida-Georgia border and the St. Marys River.   I’ll take a look at what’s going over that river next time.

Florida Trip Summary

Miles Covered:   382
Uncrossable Bridges:  1
Fuller Warren Bridge, Jacksonville, FL
States Remaining:    14
Total Uncrossable Bridges on Route 95 :  1