Life is Full of Surprises

"What IS that?’ I asked my husband.  He was driving.  I was gazing ahead slightly east. I said it like you would when you see something grotesque or disturbing like a cat flattened in the road.  You know what you’re seeing but you hope your eyes and brain are processing it all wrong. “Was there … Continue reading Life is Full of Surprises

Want to Land Here?

On Jeopardy a couple of weeks ago,  the game show showed contestants the picture below and they had to come up with the  answer to this question: To accommodate big jets a girder bridge helped extend the runway 4,000 feet at Madeira International Airport on an island of this nation. The answer wasn't that important to me.   … Continue reading Want to Land Here?


I think have an odd attraction / repulsion relationship with bridges.  Maybe I like the way they make me feel. Deliberately, on purpose, no one asking, forcing or suggesting I do it, I’ve attempted to walk across a few intimidating  bridges. To me, the scariest I can imagine.  Even though one such attempt was more than 12 years … Continue reading Suspended