BridgeClimb Sydney

Opposites, I find, are interesting.  Just as I fear bridges there’s the opposite, people who are unafraid.  This is for bridge lovers and gephyrophobiacs.   

You, someone, anyone (not me) and as long as you’re 10 years old, can climb the Australian landmark, the Sydney Bridge, anytime you want dawn, dusk, day or night.  While I can’t imagine it, more than 3 million people have done the Sydney Bridge Climb since tours began in 1998. That turns out to be roughly 456 climbs a day since it opened.

That there are so many willing participants boggles my mind.  It’s even estimated there’ve been more than 2,000 marriage proposals at the summit of the climb.


Sydney Bridge photo by Jeremy Bishop

Besides the dizzying videos and photos on the tour company’s website, one section in particular caught my eye: “Face Your Fear.” While aimed at people with a fear of heights – acrophobia,  I could relate.  (Likely, I’m both acrophobic and gephyrophobic.)  The company provides an online  “Face Your Fear Toolkit” to help people who want to participate but are fearful.

One tip provided by their Clinical Psychologist Gemma Cribb is that the BridgeClimb is completely safe. “BridgeClimb has been helping people conquer their fear of heights for more than 16 years. They have helped more than 3.2 million people to reach the summit, from 137 countries around the world. They have a 100% safety record.”

Kudos to them for being sensitive and supportive to those of us who want to address our fear. But as I sit here thinking about my fear and perhaps conquering it one day, I’m doubtful I could get to the top of that bridge despite their help.

A huge cheers to those happy, smiling people who climb the bridge and enjoy the views!