My Nashville Bridge Walk

Update 2/2109:   I no longer post, but I hope you find something interesting here and enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed discovering and writing about bridges and my fear of them!  When I finally saw Nashville’s John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge from the rooftop of Acme Fee & Seed, it looked too big and uncrossable … Continue reading My Nashville Bridge Walk

Does This Crack You Up?

I saw it on the news this morning.  It didn’t crack me up. But I watched it again and again and again.  It takes my breath away. It’s a viral bridge video out of China.   See for yourself  >>> Genius?  Cruel?  I can’t decide.

Bridge Time

Nearly 20 years ago a tour guide in Rome pointed out the Ponte Sant’Angelo – a stone bridge over the Tiber River -  and said it’d been built about 2,000 years ago. Did I hear him correctly?  To be exact, it was built in 134 AD, but what’s 134 years in this timeline.   Up … Continue reading Bridge Time