Columbus Day. Bridges & Statues

Around the country Christopher Columbus statues are being vandalized and politicians are considering removing them.  Here on Long Island, my town decided to keep the Columbus statue that’s been on Main Street for 40 years and a neighboring town is accepting any statues that have been removed.

With all the attention, I obviously wanted to know whether there were bridges named for the explorer and were there protests for their removal too.

I found that in downtown Chicago, there’s the Columbus Drive Bridge crossing the Chicago River on Christopher Columbus Drive.  There are a few bridges similarly named for the road they’re on like the Columbus Avenue Bridge in Pittsburgh, the Columbus Road Bridge in Cleveland and the Columbus Drive Bridge in Tampa.

Except for the bridge in Pittsburgh, oddly designed with a turn in its center –   I don’t mean a curve.  I mean a turn. Check it out >>>  the very few  I found are relative small and unexciting.  I found no calls for their removal or renaming either.

It seems today there are more Columbus statues standing than bridges, but next year, who knows.

Happy Columbus Day!

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    • Here in the US there’s quite the controversy about Columbus. Some are calling for Columbus statues to be removed, many have been vandalized etc. The statue I mention in my town in the post above was sprayed with graffiti which was quickly cleaned up. Google Columbus Statues and you’ll get lots of news articles explaining.


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