Does This Crack You Up?

I saw it on the news this morning.  It didn’t crack me up. But I watched it again and again and again.  It takes my breath away. It’s a viral bridge video out of China.   See for yourself  >>> Genius?  Cruel?  I can’t decide.

What Is This?

What’s taller than the Statue of Liberty? But shorter than the Empire State Building and the Washington Monument? It's shaped like the Washington Monument. It’s the tallest in the world at 42 stories. That’s not much to go on. There are only 4 in the world. And this one is in the United States. But … Continue reading What Is This?

Unscramble This

A little Friday fun... Arrange these 21 letters into 3 words in a Scrabble / crossword puzzle configuration. Hint: There are many possibilities but only one makes sense for this blog. The answer is in the third (bottom) photo. How's it going? Need a hint? Think bridge, of course. Maybe it'll help if the letters are scrambled like this? … Continue reading Unscramble This