March’s Mind Game. Part 1

I’m not working on conquering my gephyrophobia.  I’m just not into it – right now.  It’s been lifelong and I’ve adapted and have found that not driving over large bridges hasn’t been too much of a hindrance….that I know of.  It’s more irksome that I can’t do what  most people can.

If you’ve read some of my other posts you’ll learn I’ve attempted to walk over some scary bridges (Suspended and  That Dam Bridge).  Don’t misunderstand, I don’t seek opportunities to walk over bridges. When they come up, I give it a try.  At those moments I’m sort of blind to the fear and sometimes a little surprised when I’m taking those first steps so confidently across a bridge and then the fear snags me from behind like cattle being roped by a cowboy.

Lately nothing has come up in real life, and I must be missing how the fear makes me feel so I made up a game.  Here are the “rules.”

  • Someone is forcing me to walk over a bridge.
  • There’s no way out of it.  I must do it.
  • I have to select one of two bridges based on photos. (I also pick the two photos for the game.)
  • There are no consequences for being unsuccessful.   It’s just a mind game.  A real, scary  mind game for a gephyrophobiac!

Here are the two bridge options.

Arial view of the Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge. Photo by Edgar Chaparro

Forest Suspension Bridge

Forest Suspension Bridge by Lukas Becker

So I’m going to think about this and let you know my choice in a few days. 

In the meantime,  which would you pick?