March’s Mind Game. Part 2

To see what this mind game is all about, click here to read Part 1 of this post.  When deciding which bridge to cross, the Golden Gate Bridge or the Forest Suspension Bridge, the 5 things I considered in order that they occurred to me were: Bridge Length, View/Surroundings, Ability to Hold On, Activity on the Bridge, Movement. … Continue reading March’s Mind Game. Part 2

March’s Mind Game. Part 1

I'm not working on conquering my gephyrophobia.  I'm just not into it - right now.  It's been lifelong and I've adapted and have found that not driving over large bridges hasn't been too much of a hindrance....that I know of.  It's more irksome that I can't do what  most people can. If you've read some of my … Continue reading March’s Mind Game. Part 1