Summer I-95 Road Trip – Georgia

I’m leaving Florida and heading into the Peach State, Georgia, the second state on my imaginary drive the length of Route 95.

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Route 95 is just 112 miles long here in the Empire State of the South (yes, I was surprised this is one of its nicknames too.  I’m sure many other New Yorkers would be as well to learn they’re sharing their state’s nickname).

Unlike in Florida, Route 95 crosses lots of snaking rivers and creeks with names that sound charming to my Yankee ears. There’s White Oak Creek and Little Satilla River.  Cathead Creek and Turtle River.  The Ogeechee, Sapelo, and Altamaha Rivers

Route 95 Over the South Altahama River, Georgia

The first bridge is over the St Marys River on the Florida-Georgia border – and that’s the correct spelling because it is Marys not Mary’s.  This bridge, as well as the 14 or so others on the ride in the Goober State (another state nickname for the peanuts grown here)  appears to be a flat, girder bridges that I think I could manage. Though not being on the ground, I can’t say that with 100% certainty – because there’s the Millard Tidings Bridge further up the road in Maryland that’s a flat girder bridge that I’ve been over many times  – I’ve even driven over it a few times – and I find it unnerving.

If you know anything about the bridges in Georgia, please share by leaving a comment.

The longest bridges are over the Satilla, South Brunswick, and Turtle Rivers and appear short enough that I’d be over them in just a few blinks.  Better yet, I don’t think I’d even see them coming.

I made it through Georgia without encountering an uncrossable bridge.  I’m heading into South Carolina.

Trip Summary

Georgia Miles: 112
Total Miles Covered:   494
Uncrossable Bridges:  1
Fuller Warren Bridge, Jacksonville, FL
States Remaining:    13