My Imaginary Summer Road Trip Begins This Week

Not long ago, I read an old request on a travel message board.  A woman was looking for route suggestions to avoid driving over the Delaware Memorial Bridge – which connects Delaware and New Jersey over the Delaware River – the same river George Washington crossed 70 miles upstream.  Having been over the bridge many, many times and being a little familiar with the area, I knew it was a tough bridge to avoid – and didn’t know whether it was possible to reasonably get around it.

Delaware Memorial Bridge Southbound by Crispy1995 at English Wikipedia (Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The Bridge is on Route 95 and if you’re not familiar with the east coast you may not know this road.  Everyone or most everyone who lives anywhere from Florida to Maine has most likely been on the road.   Route 95 runs the entire length of the Atlantic coast and is 1,920 miles and the longest north-south interstate in the United States.

UPDATE:  The Delaware Memorial Bridge is NOT on Route 95.  See my Delaware post >>>

I dislike the Delaware Memorial Bridge far more than the Throgs Neck or Whitestone or George Washington Bridges.  It is high and long and I don’t like the feeling of going uphill to the middle of the bridge and then downhill.

With the summer travel season underway, the woman’s post on the message board got me thinking.

 I wondered what if I, or any another gephyrophobiac out there, had to drive the entire length of Route 95 –what “UNCROSSABLE” bridges would we encounter?  

Inspired by my fellow gephyrophobiac’s plea, I’m going to take an imaginary summer road trip for the next  few weeks on Route 95, end to end, and let you know what I find.  So keep reading …   

In case you’re wondering, there wasn’t any follow up from the woman on how she dealt with the bridge.