Clearly, I Won’t Be Crossing These Bridges

Just read about a new glass bridge in China.  The bridge is 1,476 feet above a gorge and leads out to a glass observation deck.

Shiver me timbers! Check out the photos in MSN’s “China’s Latest Glass Bridge is the Ultimate Courage Test.”

Yo ho ho and I’d need a bottle of rum to step onto that bridge.  Even then I wouldn’t be brave enough to try it.

China is also home to the longest and highest glass bridge below.

Glass Bridge in Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province

If someone threatened to take me for a walk over one of these bridges if I didn’t give up some information I had (like I was a spy) they’d only have to ask once and I’d spill my guts.

Since China has been building lots of bridges in recent years and is home to most of the world’s highest ones (71 out of 91 highest bridges listed in Wikipedia are in China), it got me thinking…

1.  Have they planned for the long term on going maintenance costs.  I’m just saying because in the United States 56,000 bridges are structurally deficient.

2.  How/where do they find bridge workers?  Are there enough of people who are not afraid to work on all of these projects?

3. Which begs the question…how many people have died building these bridges?

4.  Suicides?

5.  How many gephyrophobiacs do they have now?

6.  How many times have people become too paralyzed to get across these bridges?

7.  Who cleans the underside of the bridges?

I’d love to know the answers but doubt China would be transparent with them.