Hey! We’re Not Alone

I have a feeling more people than we think are afraid to cross bridges.

When  I tell  people about my blog people usually have two reactions.  They either can’t relate at all or they or someone they know is afraid.

Chances are someone driving on Budapest’s Chain Bridge across the Danube below is.  When I went across this bridge, I was a passenger on a big tour bus and while I didn’t like it,  the bridge’s width and it’s solid stature made me more comfortable – even though it’s very old – built in 1849.  Look at those wide sidewalks and the thick steel cable.


Sometimes just knowing you’re not alone with this fear is really helpful, so here are a few articles written about gephyrophobia.   I like the first article the most.

Afraid of Driving Off a Bridge? You’re Not the Only One (5/24/16)

Don’t Look Down: How I Crossed the Bay Bridge (8/16/14)

Gephyrophobia is Common is Maryland Thanks to the Bay Bridge (7/8/13)

Gephyrophobics Fear Crossing that Bridge When they Come to It (7/18/12)

Driver with Terrifying Fear of TUNNELS Rescued by Police After his Sat-Nav Took Him to the Dartford Crossing by Mistake  (3/5/13)

To Gephyrophobiacs, Bridges are a Terror (1/8/08)

Gephyrophobia: A Fear of Crossing Bridges (8/10/07)

And, if you’re looking for help with Gephyrophobia,  please click here for the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

2 thoughts on “Hey! We’re Not Alone

  1. I think so….anything with a sheer edge is the worst. The duomo, cliffs, tall building observatories…. and on and on!


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