My Favorite Bridge Crossing – Ever. Really.

A few days ago I crossed this gentle bridge (as a passenger, of course).

Photo by Liz.

From the surroundings doesn’t it appear to connect nowhere and nowhere?

The bridge isn’t in this photo, but is located about 12 miles up to the left from where I took this shot.  See how beautifully rural it is.

Photo by Liz.

This bridge is only 1 of 3 crossing this lake and is a 2011 replacement for the truss bridge that had stood here since 1929.   The new bridge is a more delicate, artful bridge compared to its predecessor.

Photo by Liz.

In the photo above, I’m standing in the park at Crown Point, NY looking across Lake Champlain to Chimney Point, VT.  Behind me are the Adirondack Mountains.  Once in a while a car would even come over the bridge.  I think this is the biggest, most unbusiest bridge I’ve been across.

If you need some serenity, this is the place to come.

And here we go!

Photo by Liz.

This is my favorite bridge crossing ever.

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