Summer I-95 Road Trip – New Hampshire

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Here I am in New Hampshire with its short coast line and beaches, ski mountains, Mt. Washington, the highest peak in the Northeast at 6,288 feet, and just 16 miles of Route 95.

Growing up in Massachusetts, the NH state liquor stores were also a destination especially around Christmas.  But my most vivid memory of NH, besides the beaches, is seeing protesters surrounding the Seabrook Nuclear Power plant when it was being built in the 1970s.  I recall that was quite a big deal.

There is one bridge.  I was over it a few years ago but don’t recall it very well.  It’s over the Piscataqua River and connects Portsmouth, NH and Kittery, ME.  From this photo, I think it’s iffy for me to drive over it so I’m going to call it Questionably Uncrossable.

Piscataqua River Bridge by JayDuck (Own work)[CC-BY-SA-3.0] via Wikimedia Commons

 I’m now in my second favorite state, Maine.  And that’s the last state on my Imaginary Summer Road Trip.

Trip Summary

New Hampshire16

Total Miles Covered:   1614

Uncrossable Bridges:   7

Fuller Warren Bridge, Jacksonville, FL

Francis Scott Key Bridge, Baltimore, MD

Millard E. Tydings Memorial Bridge, Port Deposit, MD 

Girard Point Bridge, Philadelphia, PA

George Washington Bridge, NJ-NY

Baldwin Bridge,  Old Saybrook – Old Lyme, CT

Gold Star Memorial Bridge,  New London, CT 

Questionably Uncrossable: 2

Woodrow Wilson Bridge, VA-DC-MD

Piscataqua River Bridge, Portsmouth, NH-Kittery, ME

 States Travelled:  14

States Remaining:    1