My Summer I-95 Road Trip Recap

Last week I completed my imaginary trip the entire 1,917 miles of Route 95.  Over the years I’ve travelled it often between Maryland and NY and portions of it throughout New England but was mostly unfamiliar with it in the southern states. The biggest surprise was identifying only 7 bridges (from my kitchen table, coffee … Continue reading My Summer I-95 Road Trip Recap

Summer I-95 Road Trip – New York

Read about my road trip >>> I’m in NYC just over the Hudson River having crossed the George Washington Bridge.  This is a very busy part of the ride. Aside from the GWB, the ride is not a bridge event, but likely to be an event nonetheless.  The 23 miles could take 2 hours.  It … Continue reading Summer I-95 Road Trip – New York

Happy President’s Day George Washington

Most mornings I hear the NYC and tri-state traffic reports that include the very  important status of the George Washington Bridge which is vital to commuters and travelers between New Jersey and NYC.  Earlier this morning I heard traffic was moving well on this holiday though often there are big delays getting across.   According to the Port Authority of … Continue reading Happy President’s Day George Washington