3 Very Interesting Summer Bridge Vacations That Don’t Interest Me

Looking for something to do this summer?  These 3 vacations will give you something to write postcards home about though they don’t appeal to me.

3.  8 Bridge Hudson River Swim, NY

Swim 1 or all 7 legs of the 120 mile swim starting at the Rip Van Winkle Bridge (which I crossed for the first time last week) and ending at the Verrazano Bridge (the 13th longest suspension bridge in the world) and swimming under 6 other bridges including the Tappan Zee and George Washington.

There will be  54 swimmers this year and I was surprised that most of them with bios on the blog were over 40 years old with many in their 50s and into their 60s.

While it’s too late to participate this year -June 15-22, 2017, put it on your calendar for next year. Registration is in the fall.

2.   Bridge Sailing – Bridge Travel – Bridge Cruises – Bridge Holidays

“We are excited to share with you the latest and greatest information on travel with the #1 travel agency catering to the bridge lover.”

Clearly, I’m not the intended audience for this travel agency since I don’t PLAY BRIDGE.

As a kid I always saw the bridge column because it was alongside the comics but I’d never met anyone who played bridge until I moved to Long Island where it seems quite popular.  Many of my neighbors play and I used to write in a café at a large bookstore and every Wednesday afternoon a group of bridge players would take over the area, my cue to leave.

1.  High Over China 2017 Bridge Tour

This is the mother of all bridge vacations.  When I visited China many years ago  I saw lots of bridges under construction which we floated under on a river tour.   But I don’t recall driving over any bridges on the land portion of the tour.  I would have remembered.  Today China has some of the longest and highest bridges in the world and they continue to build.

This tour is being run for the 7th year, by an American bridge lover, July 1 -18, 2017.  On this tour,

“You will visit more than 20 of the world’s highest bridges including half of the world’s highest road bridges, 6 of the world’s 10 highest rail bridges, a special visit to the highest footbridge ever built”

This would be a fantastic experience but not for me.  Day 1 starts out like this,

“Bridge highlights will begin with visits to Zhangjiajia Glass Bridge – the highest foot bridge on earth.   A special tour will be taken to multiple vantage point from the bottom of the gorge as well as from the cliffs on both sides.  You can also take the highest public bungee jump in the world from the glass deck nearly 250 meters above the surface.”

So take your pick, swim under bridgesplay bridge, or visit the highest bridges in the world.  You’ll definitely have something to write home about.