Summer I-95 Road Trip – New Jersey

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I’m in New Jersey and here Route 95 is not straight forward.  It was a surprise to me.

Route 95 is disrupted in NJ.  After crossing the Scudders Falls Bridge, into NJ, I travel along 95 heading north and then east around Trenton to where 95 ends at Route 1 and is now named 295 and continues around Trenton dipping south.   Apparently, this road “discontinuation” has always been and is being worked on.  There’s a lot of explanation about it on Wikipedia which I’m not sure I could fully follow without analyzing it with a map.  It’s too much to explain here and I’m sure you won’t mind.

I’m just working on getting to Route 95 which is the New Jersey Turnpike which actually begins after crossing the Delaware Memorial Bridge but I’m joining it further up.  On a real road trip, I wouldn’t have taken 95 through Philadelphia except to avoid the Delaware Memorial Bridge.  It has put me way out of the way and added miles and time.  Besides, I’m going South to go North.  But I’m use to it, here on Long Island, I go east to go west, north to go south and always trying to find a place to turn around.

So now I’m back on track on Route 95 in New Jersey, marked as the New Jersey Turnpike not as 95.  I’ve been up and down it many, many times.  There are no bridges but lots of traffic.

At about Mile Marker 60, I see Newark Airport and on my right NYC comes into view.

Then my fifth  uncrossable bridge.  The big, beautiful, double decker George Washington Bridge.  Also called the GW or GWB.  I see it most mornings on the traffic report while I’m having coffee.   

George Washington Bridge, by Jack Boucher [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


 If I looked to the right as I crossed, I’d see NYC.   I’m in the Empire State and I’m in my New York State of Mind and more busy miles ahead.              

Trip Summary

New Jersey97

Total Miles Covered:   1331

Uncrossable Bridges:   5

Fuller Warren Bridge, Jacksonville, FL

Francis Scott Key Bridge, Baltimore, MD

Millard E. Tydings Memorial Bridge, Port Deposit, MD 

Girard Point Bridge, Philadelphia, PA

George Washington Bridge, NJ-NY

Questionably Uncrossable: 1

Woodrow Wilson Bridge, VA-DC-MD

 States Travelled:  9

States Remaining:    6