Becoming Desensitized?

I went across the Whitestone and Throgs Neck Bridges 4 times last month.  As a passenger, of course. No jitters.  No butterflies, moths or flutters in my chest.   It was easy on my insides. It's always been a bit easier on me crossing from the Bronx into Long Island since I can’t see the … Continue reading Becoming Desensitized?

How to Drive a Gephyrophobiac Over a Bridge

When I’m a passenger in a car going over a bridge, nothing can make me feel better about the experience except not having to drive over the bridge or just getting the ordeal over with. And to anyone who drives me over a bridge, I’m both thankful and sympathetic because you’re helpless to help me. … Continue reading How to Drive a Gephyrophobiac Over a Bridge

Jumping In

My brain must have been working overtime the other morning because I had a sudden meshing of two childhood events which may help resolve the mystery of where my fear of bridges may have begun germinating.  The two events have nothing to do with bridges but they do  have to do with water. I learned … Continue reading Jumping In