Summer I-95 Road Trip – Pit Stop

Photo by Pavel Kosov on Unsplash

I’ve pulled over for a pit stop and to review where I’ve been, what’s ahead and a thought I had about uncrossable bridges.

  • I’ve travelled 7 of the 15 states that Route 95 passes through.
  • The miles covered in each:
    • Florida                382
    • Georgia               112
    • South Carolina  200
    • North Carolina  182
    • Virginia               285
    • Maryland           109
    • Delaware            23
  • Total Miles Covered   1293
  • The entire journey is 1920 miles
  • 67% of the miles have been completed yet I’ve been to less than half the states.
  • Miles Remaining        627
  • Total Uncrossable Bridges:  3

 Fuller Warren Bridge, Jacksonville, FL

Francis Scott Key Bridge, Baltimore, MD

Millard E. Tydings Memorial Bridge, Port Deposit, MD

  •  Questionably Uncrossable Bridges: 1

              Woodrow Wilson Bridge, VA-DC-MD

  • The 8 states to come are:
    •  Pennsylvania
    • New Jersey
    • New York
    • Connecticut
    • Rhode Island
    • Massachusetts
    • New Hampshire
    • Maine

I truly thought there’d be more uncrossable bridges.  When I got to the Millard E. Tydings Bridge in Maryland I became concerned that I may have too quickly dismissed some of the flat bridges on the southern part of the trip and said they were crossable.

Having actually been over the Tydings bridge I knew it was one long, flat bridge I wouldn’t drive over.  So, I’ll have to go back and take a closer look at some of those bridges.

If you’ve travelled I-95 and are familiar with some of the longer, flat bridges, let me know.

 Time to get back on the road……