Am I Qualified?

On “indeed,” the online job site, I found I’m not qualified to be a baker because I can’t lift 50 pounds up and down stairs all day, a theater coach for 2 to 6 year-olds because I lack a teaching certificate, or a parrot caretaker as I have no experience with the birds. But I met … Continue reading Am I Qualified?

Getting High on the Menai

A friend from across the pond (with a killer sense of humor) wrote to me after reading my blog.  Here's what she said. I like going over bridges, especially looking through the railings at the Straits of Menai when I'm walking over the Menai Bridge to Anglesey -it makes me feel like I've imbibed something illegal. … Continue reading Getting High on the Menai

Happy President’s Day George Washington

Most mornings I hear the NYC and tri-state traffic reports that include the very  important status of the George Washington Bridge which is vital to commuters and travelers between New Jersey and NYC.  Earlier this morning I heard traffic was moving well on this holiday though often there are big delays getting across.   According to the Port Authority of … Continue reading Happy President’s Day George Washington

Rickety Bridge

At first look I was drawn to the this  quaint, pastoral scene and the simplicity of the bridge's construction.  Then I had to laugh because the second man is waiting for the first to cross before going further.  It appears too much weight might collapse this rickety-looking bridge. I haven't seen how many early bridges were constructed but I have to think … Continue reading Rickety Bridge