Becoming Desensitized?

I went across the Whitestone and Throgs Neck Bridges 4 times last month.  As a passenger, of course. No jitters.  No butterflies, moths or flutters in my chest.   It was easy on my insides. It's always been a bit easier on me crossing from the Bronx into Long Island since I can’t see the … Continue reading Becoming Desensitized?

Is Mind Over Matter the Cure for a Phobia?

Sunset wasn’t for another couple of hours and it was early spring and the air was clear and the upstairs outdoor bar was packed with college kids, locals and out-of-towners relaxing on a Friday night.  It was perfection, bar food and trendy, local hard cider and laughter and the sun on our faces. Our crew … Continue reading Is Mind Over Matter the Cure for a Phobia?