Crossing in My Sleep?

Crossed the Rip Van Winkle Bridge as if in a dream right along with Rip.  No anxiety whatsoever.  Maybe it's all the writing about bridges that's put me in a trance?  Maybe I'm too focused on taking a few pictures?  A good distraction perhaps. I like the symmetry and industrial look of the cantilevers. If the quality … Continue reading Crossing in My Sleep?

Hello from the New NY Bridge

Hello readers from Tarrytown, NY! The New NY Bridge, still under construction, is in the foreground parallel to the Tappan Zee Bridge which it's replacing.  The bridges cross the Hudson River connecting Tarrytown and South Nyack, NY. The bridge is about  30 miles north of NYC and if you look under the bridge between the piers you can see the … Continue reading Hello from the New NY Bridge

Happy President’s Day George Washington

Most mornings I hear the NYC and tri-state traffic reports that include the very  important status of the George Washington Bridge which is vital to commuters and travelers between New Jersey and NYC.  Earlier this morning I heard traffic was moving well on this holiday though often there are big delays getting across.   According to the Port Authority of … Continue reading Happy President’s Day George Washington