Summer I-95 Road Trip – Pennsylvania

Read about my road trip >>> The trip through Pennsylvania, the Keystone state, is just 51 miles.  I’ll cut to the chase.  There are only two bridges on I-95 to care about. But I’m passing lots more because Route 95 parallels the Delaware River much of the way.  It’s a busy section of highway travelling … Continue reading Summer I-95 Road Trip – Pennsylvania

The Longest Suspension Bridges in the US

Before Franklin Roosevelt was elected to a third term in office in 1940, 5 of 10 longest suspension bridges in the US were built. Before Marilyn Monroe sang Happy Birthday to JFK in 1962,  9 of the 10 had been open at least 5 years and the 10th, the Verrazano, had been under construction for … Continue reading The Longest Suspension Bridges in the US