The Gold Star Memorial Bridge

Over Memorial Day Weekend, I took the Cross Sound Ferry from Orient Point, NY (the very end of the North Fork of Long Island) to New London, CT.  On the trip back to Long Island as I stood on the deck waiting to leave, I contemplated the bridge that filled my view.  Yes, I contemplated the bridge.

This is the Gold Star Memorial Bridge, it’s one of the bridges I avoided on my drive to Cape Code last fall. 

Gold Star Memorial Bridge over the Thames River connecting New London and Groton Connecticut

Looking at it from afar, it spooked me.  Yes, spooked me.  The bridge’s bow shape looked elastic and bouncy.

I pictured a super-sized dinosaur approaching the bridge from the horizon and taking a big step onto the middle of the bridge crushing it and swatting the remaining roadway anchored to land and with that annoyance behind him, stomping out to the Long Island Sound.

The bridge is so long (the longest in Connecticut at 6,000 feet and 11 lanes)  and despite being a good distance from the bridge I couldn’t fit it into one photo.  After taking a few shots I began warming up to the bridge. Yes, warmed up to it.  Briefly.

Then something happened.  Or something had been happening that I hadn’t noticed.  Cars and trucks were gliding across the bridge. They were so tiny compared to the bridge.  The disparity bothered me.  Really bothered me.

And,  my fear was back.  A prickly feeling sprouted behind my eyes and in my gut.  I  had enough of the bridge.  Yes, quite enough.

I went inside the ferry, had a seat,  and enjoyed the one thing that makes you feel good no matter what.  No, not a deep breath.   A chocolate chip cookie.  Yes, a chocolate chip cookie.

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